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1013: the year the Vikings conquered England It's more than 1,000 years since Swein Forkbeard employed superior military strength and tactical ability to supplant the descendants of Alfred the Great

ADS Library The ADS Library brings together material from the British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography (BIAB), the ADS library of unpublished fieldwork reports as well as documents from the ADS archives and archaeological publishers such as Oxbow.

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Educational resources for Anglo-Saxon Archaeology

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Blog The Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Blog is concerned with news reports featuring Anglo-Saxon period archaeology.

Anglo-Saxon Charter Bounds Project The study of Anglo-Saxon charter boundaries is an excellent candidate for crowdsourcing.

Anglo-Saxons The Saxons ruled England for 600 years, forming the basis of its culture, language and borders.

Archaeological Photo Spheres Website The primary purpose of this site is to provide a series of links to archaeological photo spheres. It is also hoped that the site might encourage people to take their own photospheres of archaeological sites.

Archaeology in Europe Educational Resources Educational Resources for European Archaeology

Archaeology in Europe News Archaeological news from the Archaeology in Europe web site

Ashmolean Museum Anglo-Saxon Collection The Ashmolean has one of the best collections of Anglo-Saxon material in the country outside of the British Museum

Early Medieval Archaeology Educational resources for Early Medieval Archaeology

Early Medieval Europe Archaeology Blog Archaeological news about the Archaeology of Early Medieval Europe from the Archaeology in Europe web site

Early Medieval Emporia During the seventh century, the North Sea region became a vibrant economic area.

King Alfred and King Ceolwulf II Until recently, our view of Ceolwulf, King of Mercia, has been heavily influenced by the references in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which described him as an 'unwise thegn'

King Alfred The Great Alfred (or Ælfred as it is spelt in contemporary documents), king of the West Saxons and of the Anglo-Saxons, was born in 848/9 at Wantage, in the Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire.

The Kings of Kent The surprising discovery of an Anglo-Saxon feasting hall in the village of Lyminge is offering a new view of the lives of these pagan kings

Ohthere and Wulfstan at the Court of King Alfred Ohthere and Wulfstan were two traders who had sailed around areas of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Their travels were recorded at the court of King Alfred c. 890 AD.

PastScape PastScape is a quick and easy way to search over 420,000 records held in the National Record of the Historic Environment (NRHE). You'll find information on archaeological, architectural and maritime sites.

Portable Antiquities Scheme The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a DCMS funded project to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales.

The Society for Medieval Archaeology The Society for Medieval Archaeology was established to study evidence of the past, whether standing buildings, landscapes, buried remains or artefacts in museums.

The Staffordshire Hoard Unveiling the story so far Short video from History West Midlands ( about recent work on the Staffordshire Hoard

Vengeance on the Vikings Mass burials in England attest to a turbulent time, and perhaps a notorious medieval massacre

Why Danish Vikings moved to England As many as 35,000 Vikings migrated from Denmark to England, reveals a new study. But what made them embark on such a drastic step to move west to a new land?